Green Areas

Near East University invites the public to relish the expansive, freely accessible green spaces on campus, available 24/7 for everyone's enjoyment.

These areas include our serene Yakın Doğu Pond and vast green expanses, providing a tranquil setting for students, faculty, and visitors to relax, study, or socialize. The University places great value on the role of green spaces in creating a harmonious campus environment and is dedicated to their preservation and expansion.

Our green areas offer an ideal setting for both learning and productivity. These spaces also serve as popular meeting points and social hubs, fostering a strong sense of community and friendship among students and staff who gather for conversations, sports activities, or picnics.

As Near East University, we take pride in providing our community with a peaceful and inclusive environment that encourages a healthy and active lifestyle. Our lush green areas and parks are open to everyone, free of charge. We invite all visitors to enjoy the beauty of these spaces, underscoring our commitment to sustainability and well-being beyond the confines of our campus.