Our Goals

Sustainability: A Responsibility, Not an Option

At Near East University, we believe that sustainability is not merely a choice; it is an obligation. We are dedicated to making sustainability a fundamental value, and more importantly, a way of life within our university community.

Our Goals

Integrating Sustainability Across Campus: We work to integrate sustainability principles into all aspects of campus life, from academics and research to daily operations. Our goal is to make sustainability a natural part of the NEU experience for students, faculty, and staff.

Promoting Education and Awareness: We believe that raising awareness is key to driving positive change. We're committed to promoting sustainability education and engaging the Near East community in discussions and activities that build awareness of critical sustainability issues.

Building Partnerships: Collaboration is central to our approach. We actively seek partnerships with various campus units and local organizations to foster a shared commitment to sustainability. By working together, we can make a more significant impact.

Cultivating a Sustainable Campus Culture: Sustainability is more than just a set of practices; it's a way of life. We aim to cultivate a sustainable campus culture where eco-friendly practices are the norm and every member of the Near East community is committed to being a steward of the environment.

Aligning with Institutional Goals: Our mission aligns closely with Near East University's broader institutional objectives. We strive to exemplify meaningful sustainability leadership in higher education by embodying the overarching themes of the university's strategic plan.