"All our museums, which aim to integrate and popularise Art, History and Cultural Heritage with the society, are open to the public. Our museums serve free of charge to students studying at schools under the Near East Organisation and the TRNC public."

Near East University: A Cultural Mosaic of Museums Celebrating Art, History, and Heritage

The campus of Near East University resembles a living museum with numerous sculptures adorning its outdoor spaces and paintings gracing the walls of its indoor areas. However, these works are just a small reflection of Near East University's comprehensive museum vision. The university, with two museums situated in the heart of Nicosia, hosts a multitude of museums within its premises, aiming to make history and art integral parts of society's life. These include the Cyprus Car Museum, Walled City Museum, Günsel Art Museum, Herbarium and Natural History Museum, Maritime History Museum, Knife and Sword Museum, and the Cyprus Turkish National History Museum.

Cyprus Modern Art Museum

The Cyprus Museum of Modern Art, with over 30,000 artworks, stands as not only Cyprus' but also the region's largest contemporary art museum. The museum hosts a vast array of artworks, including paintings that encompass a wide range of techniques such as acrylic, oil, spray paint, airbrush, and mixed media. In addition to paintings, the museum showcases the creative process of wood carving, marble and ceramic sculptures, clay shaping, bronze sculptures, and the crafting stages of handmade hunting knives.

Walled City Museum

Near East University has brought art to the historic center of Nicosia with the establishment of the 'Walled City Museum.' The 'Walled City Museum' serves as a bridge between the cultural identity of Cyprus and the national and international art scene, creating an environment for art and culture within the capital. The museum's interior design offers a unique visual spectacle, with its ceilings adorned using gold leaf, depicting various historical events such as the Ottoman Empire's conquest of Nicosia, the arrival of the British in Larnaca, and the events surrounding the Peace Operation on July 20, 1974.

You can also explore the museum with a free 3D virtual tour here:

Cyprus Car Museum

One of the most captivating museums on the Near East University Campus is the Cyprus Car Museum, the country's only classic car museum. With its rich collection, the museum offers a fascinating glimpse into the development and history of the modern world through the transformation of automobiles. The museum showcases over 100 cars.

Herbarium and Natural History Museum

The Herbarium and Natural History Museum materializes the natural history of Cyprus into a visible and tangible form. A reflection of Near East University's 42 years of scientific accumulation, the museum exhibits around 11,000 different plant samples from nearly 1,600 plant species found in Cyprus. It also includes various fungi species, insect types, different reptile species, marine life, and materials related to the geology of Cyprus.

Günsel Art Museum

Located on Dereboyu, the most prominent street in the capital city of Nicosia, the Günsel Art Museum boasts 15 gallery spaces, showcasing exclusively the works of contemporary award-winning artists in various mediums, including paintings, ceramics, and sculptures. With both temporary and permanent exhibition halls and an art shop, the museum is actively engaged in its cultural endeavors.