Near East University offers affordable housing and accommodation options to both its staff and students. Our goal is to ensure that everyone has access to convenient and budget-friendly accommodation, making your stay comfortable and enjoyable. Within this scope, NEU provides short-term and long-term lodging opportunities at its social facilities for NEU staff, students, and visitors. Whether you're a student, faculty member, or a guest visiting for academic or professional purposes, we have accommodation solutions tailored to your needs.

Feel at home at NEU!

Affordable Housing for Personnel

The Near East Quarters aim to provide the privilege of being part of the Near East University community, while also offering a better living experience to its employees and students through sustainable and affordable housing options. These residences are located in an area surrounded by clean air and olive trees, away from the challenges of city center living such as heavy traffic and high rental costs, and are just a 15-minute drive from the city center. Additionally, the quarters are within walking distance to the Near East Hospital and the Near East Dental Hospital, ensuring easy access to health services. Moreover, the campus facilitates easy transportation with the availability of scooters and bicycles.

All quarters are owned by Near East University and are managed by the authorized departments. There are three types of housing options available, varying in size and apartment style. The prices for these quarters for the year 2023 are listed below.

Flat type Area 2023 prices Quantity
2+1 with furniture 54 m2 7000 TL per month 115
1+1 with furniture 37 m2 4500 TL per month 202
Studio with furniture 25 m2 3000 TL per month 209
Dormitories for Students

One of the most important conditions for a flawless education is the dormitories that will provide all facilities to ensure our students feel at home.

The fact that the dormitories are located in the campus helps our students to adapt quicker and gives them easy access to the study areas and all social and sporting facilities.

There are 7 women dormitories, 6 men dormitories with 1, 2, 3, 4 person rooms within a 13-block structure, apartment dormitories and residences within the Near East University campus. Our campus provides 3 types of housing including dormitories, apartment dormitories and residences. One dormitory has a bed capacity of 250-300 and the total bed capacity of all dormitories is 5,500.

Our university provides various scholarships to support students, including those that cover education, housing, and meals, as well as scholarships focused solely on education or housing and meals.

Guest House for Visitors

The Dorona Residence, located within the Near East University campus, offers 14 rooms with a total bed capacity of 134. Each room is equipped with eco-friendly central heating and cooling systems, energy-efficient LED TV, a minibar stocked with sustainable and local products, a water-saving shower, a hair dryer with low energy consumption, an energy-efficient water heater, a telephone, all while providing free internet access.