Gender Non-Discrimination Policy
Near East University Gender Non-Discrimination Policy

Version: 3        Creation date: 1988        Last review date: 08 October 2022


Near East University is committed to creating a campus environment that promotes gender equality and non-discrimination for all individuals, regardless of gender identity. This policy aims to foster an inclusive and equitable community for everyone, including women and transgender individuals.

1.Prohibition of Discrimination

Near East University strictly prohibits any form of discrimination, including but not limited to discrimination based on gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, pregnancy status, marital status, age, race, religion, or any other personal characteristic. This prohibition applies to all activities within the university.

2. Equal Opportunities and Participation

All students, faculty members, and employees, regardless of their gender identity or gender expression, are provided with equal rights, opportunities, and responsibilities.
Programs and policies that promote equality and justice for all, including women and transgender individuals, are developed.

3. Reporting and Monitoring Discrimination

The university takes all reports and complaints of discrimination seriously and respects confidentiality. Data is collected and reported transparently to monitor discrimination incidents, with specific attention to any discrimination against transgender individuals.

4. Awareness and Education

The university organizes regular training and awareness programs on gender equality, gender identity, and combating discrimination. Support is provided for awareness-raising activities related to gender equality, transgender rights, and gender diversity.

Near East University is dedicated to ensuring that all individuals, regardless of gender identity, are treated with respect and dignity. This policy reinforces the university's commitment to gender equality and transgender rights, creating a campus environment that is inclusive, welcoming, and free from discrimination. The university maintains a zero-tolerance approach to discrimination in any form.