Lifelong Learning Access Policy
Near East University Lifelong Learning Access Policy

Version: 3        Creation date: 1988          Last review date: 16 December 2022

  1. Introduction

Near East University recognizes the paramount value of lifelong learning as a vital instrument for social development. To this end, we are committed to providing educational and teaching services to diverse segments of the community. In pursuit of this purpose, Near East University adheres to the following principles.

  1. Principles

Equality: In our endeavor to offer lifelong learning opportunities, Near East University is unwavering in its commitment to equality. Regardless of factors such as ethnic origin, religion, disability, immigrant status, gender, age, sexual orientation, health status, or any other personal circumstances, we acknowledge and uphold the fundamental right of everyone to have equal access to educational opportunities.

Access: Near East University actively supports and encourages lifelong learning for students, alumni, professionals from both the public and private sectors, and community members. We organize a wide array of events, including educational programs, conferences, and seminars, while also assisting those who wish to pursue education at their own pace.

Non-Discrimination: Near East University firmly opposes any form of discrimination, be it racial or any other form, and does not tolerate such behavior.

  1. Conclusion

At Near East University, we are resolute in our commitment to lifelong learning and ensuring that access to educational activities is accessible to all, regardless of their background. We believe that this commitment fosters a culture of inclusivity, equality, and opportunities for all members of our community.